BG Zaunergasse Salzburg • 1992–94
partnership: Otto Beck, Salzburg
Minerva's Games
"interactive computer installation"

10 monitors are connected in series and centrally located, thus emphasizing the installation´s communicative importance.

The monitors are modulated via a graphic computer that also controls a video camera and a VCR. Students and teachers can access the computer and the peripheral equipment through a keyboard in the lunchroom. The basic program, slowly rotating primary colors, represents virtual painting and forms a distinct contrast to the architectur´s neutral white. Scroll-text function allows school information to be displayed. Saved images can be retrieved and shown.Videos produced in class can be presented. Images can be manipulated and saved. When the installation is not actively in use, it automatically reverts to the basic program.

Three parables

In addition to the existing multi media installation, three elemental sensorial stimuli are portrayed by the three elemental physical phenomenon: Three parabolic mirrors symbolize electromagnetic radiation, acoustic impact and the play of light.

Acoustic Color Walk

The acoustic installation has been extended into the adjacent corridor by an „acoustic color walk“. Loudspeakers, connected with motion sensors have been installed in the cylindrical light shafts. Entering the sensor range sets off an acoustic signal (melody, sound) retrieved from a sampler. Sounds can be modified by students through a simple tape recorder or a music-computer. Specific movements within the „acoustic islands“ influence the sounds, this ideally leads to a dancing motion. The specific „acoustic colors“ create a distinct athosphere in the hallway. Light shafts are accentuated by stained glass.

1. Parabel: Das Farbenspiel
2. Parabel: Das Fernsehauge
3.Parabel: Die verzauberte Stimme